The Entry for Losing

Here’s three quotes:

“If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.” Zig Zigler

“While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated.” Maya Angelou

“If you can accept losing, you can’t win.” Vince Lombardi

So it is pretty much obvious that I am gonna talk about defeat.

Well, I am a bit defeated in a certain part of my “real” life, and I am defeated in my World War Online forays (just went off the ladder). The question is: What went wrong for me?

The answer is that I did not plan my moves very carefully. I was never prepared to see the risks. I did not do some advanced thinking. Instead, I did it the YOLO way.

And the results are just rather heartbreaking. I whined over it for an hour.

Then a day.

A week.

Afterwards, I learned to move on and accept that I did made mistakes here and there. I took note of them.

I guess I’ll emerge stronger and this time emerge victorious: After all, a victory is only distinguished from a defeat by the sheer fact that I am a few steps ahead, isn’t it?

I guess losing is a part of life.

Lose now, win later.

But always try to get a good win!


So now I am twenty years old with a physique five years behind and a mind said to be several years older than me.

I really wonder how should I start to approach life.

Should I approach it more seriously and solemnly? A lot of people have suggested this “piece of advice” for me.

Or should I continue with my carefree, upbeat way of life? It may seem annoying and childish at times, but well, acceptance of reality is part of the game, ain’t it?

Then of course comes my bloody career choices. I just try to fake a smile, knowing that in the real scheme of things, it would be be challenging to find a job unless one is presented with a literal miracle.

I don’t like cubicles or four walls. I’d love to have my bit of fun and coffee in the things that I do.

I’d rather try to lead and guide than to expertly manage things (I do not really show my “leadership” skills a lot, mainly because I really like to sit back and be in the background of things).

I’d like to be able to articulate my thoughts freely.

I’d like to have a time for working SOLO and YOLO, while having opportunities to work as a team at the same time.

Well, that’s what I think today. I want a future.

I want people to be able to say that “hey, this guy has made a bit of a difference”.

Well, I guess I have just ate a lot of meatballs.

To hell with it. Whatever.

Today is a Sunday

Today is a Sunday.

Tomorrow is a Monday.

Tomorrow is an exam day.

But I do not care.

I do not even think that exams are that urgent.

I just want to savor the blue sky.

I just want to smell the fresh air of spring.

I just want to see the new sights.

I just want to feel the euphoria inside me.

I just want to hear the chirps of the birds.

But then…

Today is a Sunday.

I think that it is time to do something.

For myself…

For the rest of us…

And today is a Sunday.


Troll Language: Version alpha

Basically, the world of Trollistan is an Englessh-Anglophile speaking supranation that transcends borders, shares a common language and possesses a lot of diverse dialects. Thus, the Republic of the Federation of Trollistan has decided to create a language code for its citizens. Here are the rules to be used by the English speakers to translate into the glorious and wonderful language of Troll:

1. Change all “s” to “z”. Example: has=haz

2. Change all “g” to “k”. Example: strong=stronk

3. Change all “b” to “p”. Example: noob=noop

4. Add “n” at the end of a word if it ends with “e”. Example: strike=striken

5. Use shortened forms if applicable. Example: European Union=EU

6. “am, is, are” can be replaced by “haz” Example: We haz stronk!

7. Do not use foreign words in their original words. Corrupt them as much as possible! Example: bon appetit=bongart petik!

8. “ish” is turned into “esh” Example: Turkish=Turkesh

9. “Th-” is turned into “d-” Example: this=dis, taht=dat, them=dem

10. “Too” in “too much” is removed. Same with other cases.

SAMPLE SENTENCE: Dat Turkesh guy haz stronk in EU! He much power.

Hope you enjoy and start to join the world of Trollistan! :D

Disclaimer: This is not a new language. This is just a modification to the good ol’ English that we all know! :)

Ludic Memories: Warriors

I fondly remembered the days when I was a child and I did not have to cope with the pressure of the modern world. We played under the brightly shining sun, drinking “Eight o’ clock” powdered juice drinks, eating mangoes taken from the colossal trees of neighbors, and we made our faces brown by spending long hours under the sun. When we were tired, we simply ran to a nearby stream and bathed there, while some of us catch fish and roasted them for a good snack. Finally, if we did not have money, we would simply peddle all sorts of things from freshly harvested fruits to fish. Overall, it was an idyllic life: Even though we did not have lots of money, we were really happy and blessed.


Of course, we would walk for 20 minutes and/or take a pedicab, which is basically a bicycle with three wheels and a roof to school (I was in third grade back then) and back: However, there was no “rat race” and instead, students played all sorts of games in the large field of the school, which is also utilized as a football field and a baseball field at the same time.


Back then, time goes as fast as a race horse, and all of a sudden, December comes, with its Holiday festivities…and of course, the much-awaited Christmas vacation. But for the meantime, we eat and drink at the year-end party, where we receive all sorts of gifts.


Then, vacation comes. For us, vacation is not about having a lot of parties, or having to play with lots of expensive toys, or having to go to a lot of places. Instead, we get to gather our friends with a martial spirit, create bases, and voila!

Declare war!


Yes, you’ve seen it right! With fists, slingshots, wooden swords and shields (along with lots of chips, biscuits and juice), we try to fight and uphold the honor and glory of the purok that e live in! Of course, quite a lot of parents (especially my mother) did not agree with it, saying it is dangerous.


A normal day starts by eating our breakfast and helping our parents with the housework, followed by setting up camp at various locations in the neighborhood that we live in. Our first base was found in a grassy area filled with lots of banana trees; it was a good location to scout the opposing force (OPFOR), since the other puroks were just beyond that road!


Well, the OPFOR was pretty good too, as they created camps deep inside their respective neighborhoods, and believe me, we really had a lot of fun and frustration trying to weed them out! Thus, we tried to create strategies, whether it be raids, secondary attacks, or even pitched battles in order to reach our objectives.


For some unexplained reasons, the other purok (we were Purok 2, which is basically a couple of wooden and dilapidated houses near a middle-class bivouac, while Purok 1 hosted the basketball church and the local chapel) always took the initiative to attack; all we have to do at the first instance is to send a runner, call our friends, and fight with all our might. Our enemy had a land area 9 times bigger (and thus having lots of reinforcements), but we had the upper hand.


It was noontime. We have just finished our lunch, and we were eager to bring the battle to them; we pelted them with pebbles and a fruit of an herb, which can be easily used in a slingshot. As a general rule, we did not hit our opponents in the head; we simply tried to find chinks in the body where we can “chip shot” them.

They were really pressing the issue, as a group tried to flank us from the main road; we decided to reposition near the chapel (it was huge, by the way), and try to harass them from there while we waited our “tank force”, which was basically composed of five children with all sorts of shields and weapons.


After thirty minutes of engaging, the cavalry finally arrives, and I suggested that I take four of our fastest runners and pelt them from the rear while the rest of them engage head-on. The rest agree, and I take my friends on a run; all of us were shivering from nervousness!


Finally, we reached the basketball court, and we were completely between the opposition and our comrades! We loaded our slingshots without delay, and after ten minutes of endless firing, the other side was forced to retreat in a panicked manner!


We were not contented with that; we entered the eskinita which leads to the center of the neighborhood, and to our surprise and delight, we were able to recover a lot of slingshots, wooden swords, and some other paraphernalia, including a map of our neighborhood! Oh my God!


That was the end of a long day. We were victorious that day, but everyone knows that Luck is not really that kind, and after three vacations of fighting and dominating them (we even forced a lot of “treaties of capitulation” with them), they beefed up their ranks and conquered our fortress. I was in sixth grade, and by then we were already about to step into high school.


No matter though. I really enjoyed those days, and I hope that the children of this generation get to enjoy a childhood away from the computer monitor and Candy Crush…


Picture Perfect

It is a perfect day for me.

Even though I did not have any breakfast and I was feeling sleepy, I felt that I could handle the challenges of the day.

At 9 in the morning, we had our quiz in History of Ideas.

It was so easy that I drank a celebratory cup of chocolate after that.

At 11 in the morning, we were supposed our class in German.

Fortunately, we did not have it, because our teacher did not come!

At 1 in the afternoon, I ate my lunch.

It was so delicious!

At 3 in the afternoon, I played SC2.

And it felt so good!

At 5 in the afternoon, I paid my insurance and bought lots of snacks for myself.

It made me feel that I did something for myself today!

At 7 in the evening, I went home and found out that someone is leaving! YAY!

Everything is picture perfect, isn’t it?


I am so down right now. I do not show it outside, but inside, I know that I have to go to a virtual world if I want to forget that painful moment.

A friendship lost.

A time lost.

A memory into the abyss.

I am just inches short of falling.

Just inches short…

I’m falling…

Into a dream…

Into a sleepless dream.