Never, Ever Forget

There was a time in my life when everything was just as crap as hell, and when everything was just all about horrible nightmares. The situation was so bad that I even contemplated taking my life, and sure, I came out stronger, but after that period, my life was never the same again.

But then, not all bad periods carry bad influences and events with it. If I did not even come to that place, I would never have had the chance to met this one hell of a guy, who’s my friend, mentor, and guide all at the same time.

His name is Ahmad Malik. When I first saw his face, I surely saw immediately that he’s not gonna be the trash that gave me headaches every single day.

“Care to have a chocolate bar?”

I gladly accepted his offer, and I started to ask his name, among other things. Within a few moments, I have earned myself a best friend.

Then he helped me grow both in heart and soul. He taught me certain things about our religion, and he also gave a good deal of advice on how to deal with certain things; how to deal with the people who try to mock me and bring me down, and how to deal with whatever future that I’m gonna have…

We spent a lot of time together, so much that people thought it was weird, but it did not matter. We simply did not care.

Until one day, he graduated from school, and I was left all alone. But I’m happy that he has come to my life.

We are still talking as of this day, laughing, even though I’m in Ankara and he is in Manila.

I will never forget that he came.

And I thank God for sending me a friend like him.

This is short, and there are more better stories out there: Weekly Prompt

The weekly prompt is about friendship, and I suggest you go out there (I am writing this while distracted and in a half-assed state of mind!)

Still, thanks for sailing! Good luck!

Road To Ibiza

One day, Mark is sitting somewhere in his house. He is just an ordinary teacher who does not even dream of going abroad. However, he really wanted to go to Europe…and he really wanted to go to Ibiza; after all, he does not want to be one of those losers who are just couch potatoes and who do not have any life experiences other than the television set.

He is just sitting there, feeling like a loser. With only 20,000 pesos per month, and with all the mortgage and the bills and the things that he has to pay, he would never hope to be able to afford the 80,000 pesos that he needs to pay…

He just started eating saging rebusao and drinking a glass of concentrated grape juice. Today’s a Saturday, and there’s no better way to spend a weekend than to get away from the buzz of social media and to sit in front of a porch that overlooks a garden!

He knows that he should be happy; after all, he knows that his beloved country, the Philippines, is home to some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, forests, and scenes. Especially if one stays here in Puerto Princesa, which is the gate to the South China Sea where all sorts of fish and crustecreans are there…

He just wants to see Ibiza, even once in his life.

All of a sudden, a mirror-like thing appeared in front of him, showing a place full of white houses and crystal-clear blue waters.

“What the heck is this?” he asked himself. He thinks that it is just a cruel illusion, a bad mirage that reminds him that some dreams are just too high for him to attain.

Then all of a sudden, he sees himself rolling and twisting and melting into a singularity that sucked all the colors that he can count since childhood.

In the blink of the eye, he is standing at the beach.

Many people, clad in their summerwear, are happily enjoying the Balearian sun, the Mediterrenean water, the easterly wind, and the lives that they are living right now.

Mark held himself just to feel that it was real.

And then, he jumped in joy, but one thing came to his mind:

“How the heck will I return to Puerto Princesa?”

Once again, a mirror-like thing appeared in front of him, showing a place that is green and that shows his house. He touched it, and he sees himself rolling and twisting and melting into a singularity that sucked all the colors that he can count since childhood, all over again!

Then within moments, he is back at the house!

He finally attains his dream!

He changes into his summer clothes, he thinks of Ibiza again, and once again, he’s there! And he’s ready to swim!

He couldn’t hide his joy…


I personally want to go to Ibiza someday and have a bit of the Mediterranean sun!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for sailing!

For more, see Tunnel Vision…

Good luck and have fun guys!

The Losers’ Club

One day, in the year 2020, there were five friends who have almost lost their confidence in themselves, and who live together in an apartment which they rent for an absurd amount of money. One of them was a doctor, a teacher, a policeman, a professional computer gamer, and a writer (who also works as a handler at an intelligence agency). They were experiencing failures in their respective positions, all in a country where everything’s supposed to be progressive and economically advanced.

While the news shown on the second-hand LCD TV screen talks about corruption in the government, imbalanced coverage of fame and glamour, and endless political and legal circuses; they are trying so hard to make a living, and yes, they are losing in the fight.

All they had was their friendship, and a “half-baked belief” that they can help change the world.

Doctor: Man, taxes just go up.

Gamer: Yeah, as if 35% to gaming and prizes wasn’t enough for their corrupt pockets.

Writer: What should we do?

Policeman: I don’t know. Hell, my friends in the department are looking forward to transfer to the security sector.

Teacher: I don’t know. Maybe we should just accept that we are all losers.

Doctor: Don’t worry. As long as we are here, well, we can get our money elsewhere.

Gamer: Yeah, don’t bother with it.

Policeman: Where do you think we will get our money for bread, then?

Teacher: I don’t know. Maybe we should just pray and get a second job.

Writer: Yeah, you’re right.

They continue to talk to each other in this manner, and then the usually imperfect and (bashed) Writer suggested something:

Why don’t we do a venture called the “Loser’s Club”? I mean, we are all called losers, so let’s go and work at the streets as sweepers, or create a computer team, or I don’t know, but hey, we can try, right?

The others thought about it, and the doctor conferred by saying that they should try the writer’s suggestion.

They all go to sleep by 11 pm, much earlier than usual, having eaten only beef sausages, scrambled eggs, and three pieces of bread.

The Losers’ Club can wait for another day, they thought.


You’ll never know it, but even though you don’t want to cry, the tears just flow away. Even though you put on an indifferent face and act as if the world was nothing, you’ll realize soon enough that something inside you will just protest and make you cry.

Even though you say that you don’t miss X or Y, or you pretend as if they’re just things or people who are just far away, sooner or later, you’ll realize that you have been crying for them all this time without knowing it.

There are times when you think the world has made a wall against you, you just have nothing to do but to weep in a corner and ask God for help, and there are times when you just want to cry your victories and your successes and your ups and euphoria(s) up.

Surely, there are people who just cry for nothing more than show. Surely, there are people who cry crocodile or onion tears or whatever it is. But surely, no one who has realized the value of tears will just waste it, no?

Tears aren’t just bodily fluids that come out of the body. If you can really see it…

Tears are a reminder that we are human.

That we aren’t animals.

That we feel. That we think when we feel.

And this, is the measure of being human.

If you’ve never tried to cry, then now is the right time to do so. Because you’ll never know when you will be six feet under the ground…

The Story of Liras

It is one of those days when the coldness of winter just pierces through the soul, as if taking out any remains of life out of it. It is one of those days when the snow flakes that seem to innocently fall to the ground carry an unseen malice; it is one of those days when the ice on the sidewalk is treacherous and harsh.

It is the day when General Winter is at its peak in Ankara, and I am a nobody, except for the fact that I had twenty Turkish liras. That should be very good for a week of food at the school cafeteria, as well as a week’s worth of fare.

Students like me count every penny that we have while on the train to school; unless we were one of those lucky ones who were given “food subsidies” and/or scholarships, we always had to budget our money as meticulously as we can; or at least, know where the money is being spent, as it is in my case.

But on that fateful day of December, while I’m three hundred thirty-three meters away from our door, I noticed that I did not have my twenty TRY on my pocket. I started to search a bit.


I did not have any reason to worry just yet. I relaxed until I reached home.

Then of course, the first thing that I checked was my bag.

No sign of that green bill.

I checked my back pockets.

Again, no Ataturk smiling at me.

And then finally, I searched my other clothes.

Before I knew it, I feel down to the ground, shouting “NO!!!”

I can’t believe that I have lost my last patch of money, and I whined about it in private for three consecutive days, while I should have tried to reflect what has just happened to me.

Indeed, I should have reflected, for in an exact twist of fate, a mail arrived from the Turkish Scholarships Office.

That application, which I submitted at the very last moment, and which I thought I’ll never get…was accepted, amongst tenbs of thousands of applicants!

I was so happy that I thought I just wanted to jump in joy, but then, I took control of my senses and thanked God for that “lucky turn of events”.

And the total amount? 3,000 Turkish Liras.

And I enjoyed every cent of it to the end.

Every cent of it.

And by the time the last cent was spent, it was already August of 2014.

I spent the last cent of it on a lemonade. Today.

Yeah. So sweet.

For other turnarounds, come here!

Thanks for sailing with me?!



Well, well, well, seems I’ve just finished my damn summer school, and lo and behold, everything is nice and sweet in this summer weather! I’m happy…

Oh, damn, why the heck did WordPress got this prompt for the Daily Challenge today?

In a turn of coincidence, I was talking with Mucahit, one of my friends here at school, about this same topic…ladies, ladies everywhere, and I’ll be honest, I am not a big fan of talking about them…In fact, I’ll never, ever talk about them (normally) unless there’s really needed or unless I just really wanted to tell the world so much I loved that person, which I only did on quite a few occasions.

So what does that have to do with the prompt?

I’ll say that I have a good deal of secret admires (not that I’m the one saying this, but this is based from what I hear around), but believe me, I don’t think anyone of them will send an unmarked banquet.

This is basically just what Lorde says in Royals:

“We’re riding Cadillacs in our dreams…”

This implies that one can live with the fantasy without having to reach out for it, as per the annotation listed in Genius.

This means that I’ll just live with all those secret admires of mine sending unmarked flower bouquets or chocolate boxes…in my freaking dreams, of course.

I’ll just live with that freaking fantasy in my mind…while of course, dealing with these people in real life, albeit in less “dramatic” or “cheesy” ways.

Yeah, whatever.

For honest measure, if anyone of them would have sent me a flower bouquet, it’s gonna be as a form of congratulations for winning a big prize or for achieving something big. I’ll not assume that it’s gonna be about love stories or such, because I have very different plans…Yeah.

Different plans.


To be very honest, I just didn’t want to do the prompt because I have just finished my bloody exams, and I am just about to start my…delayed summer vacation!

So I hope that I did not waste your time…and for more stories that are more deserving than this, please visit the following prompt:

Secret Admirers

Thanks for sailing with me!


Yeah, my love story with it is not that stable. But it doesn’t matter a lot right now.

We have had a very good relationship since I brought it from MediaMarkt Ankara at the beginning of the year using my hard-earned and hard-saved scholarship money; we played games together, did projects together, wrote a lot of of things together, watched films together…The only thing that I could not give was food; I couldn’t treat it out even for a drink or a snack.

It’s name is Plue. As everyone might have just seen by now, my handle is “risingrave28″.

Rave can be defined in many ways, and I have a different meaning for it, so I went for Plue as my laptop’s name, which is one of the characters in the much-acclaimed anime “Rave Master”. Like that character (itself; yes, go and search the wiki, its gender is unknown), my Plue is a very good companion, is forever loyal, and always stays by me.

I always play Starcraft: HotS with it, as well as Call of Duty and Dota 2; I also go for videos and pictures and stuff…Though Plue is not the best laptop in terms of specs and whatnot, it has served me well during the time that it was by my side.

Then one day, on a fateful day in June, when summer begins and classes end, Plue was taken away from me. I was doing something else…

I searched for it all over the city. I called the police, I submitted the CCTV feeds, but still, after 2 months of anticipating and waiting and pacing and craving, I never saw my Plue again.

My Plue is gone. And it may never be replaced again…Though better ones will come in the end (if I’ll get the funds for it), I will never forget the times that we spent together everywhere.

At home, it was my companion when no one is there.

At school, it was my confidant and my good friend.

And when I am broken in heart and in soul, it tries its best to give me back a sense of sanity.

Oh Plue.

Those were the days…

Prompt: The Name’s The Thing

Thanks for sailing!

Can’t Remember Exactly…

I can’t remember exactly when something that people raved did not cause the same effect on me. However, if there was one thing, then it’s gonna be in the music department. It’s basically impossible for me in the books department, simply because I am the one who searches for the books that I want to read, and I make sure that I; get a feel for the book before reading it. As for movies and television shows, I almost never watch them unless the movie is really nice or the television show is about sports/is a documentary.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of music, and I can listen to almost any genre, provided I’m in the mood to listen. But there are times when I just don’t want to listen to that kind of music, despite the fact that it’s nice, it’s of good quality, and it’s nothing short of epic.

Take the country music genre for instance. Sure, it has a lot of meaning. Sure, it has a lot of energy. And sure, the music is nice, but I would not really listen to that kind of stuff despite the fact that people are incessantly talking about it and are endlessly listening to it on their iPhones/MP3 players.

Also there’s this act called Mumford and Sons, and sure enough, their songs are good enough, but nothing has attracted me to their music yet (despite the fact that people around me are listening to it a lot). Maybe it’s because of my reserved nature.

Meh, doesn’t really matter.

As mentioned in the bloody prompt, it’s all just a matter of taste, no?

Prompt: Matters of Taste

Take care! Thanks for sailing!

Hard Choices

It is not easy to choose between “dignified obscurity” and “glorified exposure”. Sure, everyone wants to have quality writing, but at the same time, no one wants to be a “starving writer”.

This prompt is actually a reference to the dilemma that confronts many people today. While some people want to have quality literature, others want to have relatively mediocre writing while at the same time getting the “bang for the buck”.

I will tell you what: Here are some of what people of different professions have said to me regarding my future in writing at different stages of my life (and all of them hope to see me there someday):

Mr. I: Remember to produce quality literature. You don’t need fame in order to be classified as a very good writer. How many people could realistically be good writers and good businessmen at the same time? One in a hundred. So if I were you, don’t aim for fame, aim for quality.

Ms. C: Fortune is not worth it in the world of writing if you get a lot of haters due to your below than average work.

Mr. R: If you want to be remembered beyond the New York Times bestseller, write some good writing. Then be an immortal…

And of course, here is what Prof. Steve May, a writer and a British professor of creative writing, said in one of his books: “Fame and fortune are much more reliably attained elsewhere…”

So I’ll tell you my choice:

I’d want to be a writer who is respected, who produces good writing, who is prolific, and whose success speaks of itself without much need for marketing and commercialization.

And how will I do it? Of course I don’t expect to become big through blog writing or whatnot.

I’ll write more. I’ll read more. I’ll show that my ideas are worth spreading, and I know that people will not be convinced; indeed, as in the words of today’s prompt, I will be an obscure writer who is only appreciated by the elite and is studied by academicians.

And what happens at the end of the day?

My work is termed as a classic.

Whether people would like it or not, they would read my work at schools, at bazaars, at trains…

And what does this mean?

Fame and fortune comes in the end, no? Right?

And oh, Mr. Prompt-Maker forgot one thing:

The Nobel Prize for Literature, which is given ostensibly to a man who has contributed to literature…oops, who has created a political debate in this world.

From George Orwell:

“Writing and politics are inseparable…” Write about politics in your writing, and you’ve got your 2 million euro handed to you on a silver platter!

I think that I don’t need the wand at all. Because I know where I want to go at the end of the day.

Bitch please.

Prompt: A Bookish Choice

This time, I’m here for blood and debate. Looking forward to it.

The Manifesto of the Last Swan

I believe that I am just an ordinary person.

I know that I am just a member of Generation Y.

I know that many people think that we are a failure.

But we believe that we can be the best generation that has stepped on this world.

But I believe that I can change the world on my own terms.

And I am here to prove it. And I am here to help this generation flourish.

I will write things that would be of value to my culture, to my country, and to my life.

I will live my life in the best sense that I could.

I will not fall under the influence of physical vices.

I will not fall under the temptation of dirty money.

I will not fall under the temptation of false power.

I will exercise my power as fairly and as liberally as the circumstances will allow me.

I will not claim high moral ground as much as I can.

I will try to lead my values by example.

I will be consistent with my actions.

I will be consistent with my intentions.

I will do my best to exercise restraint.

I will do my best to exercise fairness and equality.

I will do my best to uphold the values of liberty.

I will do my best to write as much as I can.

I will do my best not to be one-eyed.

That is, to be with only a single point of view of things.

I will do my best to view things as deeply as I can.

I will do my best to view things as broadly as I can.

I will do my best to write as proficiently as I can.

I will do my best to live as sustainably as I can.

I will do my best to uphold the people that are valuable to me.

I will do my best to reduce enmity amongst society.

I will do my best to uphold the sacred values of this generation.

I will do my best to be responsible to God and to humankind in the public sphere,

And to be responsible to God and to myself in the private sphere.

I will do my best to be responsible to the values that I uphold,

And not to sell them for trinkets or treasures.

I will do my best to use my treasures efficiently.

I will try to use my talents in the best way possible.

I will work hard for the things that I want.

I will not be unproductive.

I will try to use my time as if it is a treasure.

I am here to apply and to determine.

If I would be up there, I would do my best to give everything that I have to uphold the honor of the position that is given to me.

If I would be up there, I would do my best not to forget the people that have helped me.

If I would be up there, I would try my best not to build unnecessary indemnity against people who have harmed me in the past, unless that enmity is a requirement of the job that I am

And I hope that I would remember these ideals.

I hope that I would be able to apply these ideal.

And I hope that I would be able to keep them until the end of my life, or at least up to the time where my memory will be gone.

So please help me God.


I believe that one day, everyone will be living under the same blue sky in peace and prosperity.

I believe that one day, Islamophobia, racism, etc. will be gone.

I believe that one day, we will learn what it is really to be human: to live for others and not to be blinded by selfish interests. I believe that one day, right will rule over might.

I am a Muslim.

And I believe that everyone can live together without discrimination…and that there’s a brighter future ahead…

For more manifestos, please come here!

Thanks for reading!!!

Please continue sailing with this blog! LOL.

Good luck and have fun!