There are Many

Well, I am very happy with my life right now. Even though it is cold outside and the clouds are gray, it is a fact that I have a lot of reasons to be thankful for. I have always thanked the Almighty, my parents and a couple of my friends as well as some teachers and some other amazing people who have helped me all along the way.

But yeah, I don’t think that I should forget the other groups of people who have gave me opportunities to show off my potential. Here they are, in no particular order:

Former Haters: Thank you for making me realize that hating people is never a good business to do. Thank you for making me see the things that I must do. Most of all, thank you very much for all the memories, now you’ll be tropes in my books! LOL.

Former Doubters: Thank you for giving me an audience. Thank you for giving me a chance to prove me wrong. Thank you for advising caution and showing me what negativity is. Finally, thank you for more memories…because I am pretty sure that by now you have stopped doubting the things that I can do.

Angelic Strangers: Thank you for the occassional warning or the random napkin. Thank you for picking my things when they fall down to the floor. Thank you for making me shut up when I go too overboard. Finally, I am really thankful for your unsolicited and pure kindness.

People at the University: Well, whoever you are, thank you for the free ride, for letting me go forward in the queue at the dining hall, for encouraging me to pursue higher dreams and for just saying the occassional hi or hello. Yeah, you rock guys!

Classmates: Well, I will keep this short and sweet: I will always cherish the memories that we have had together and I am very sincerely hoping that you will find your respective callings in life. I wish you all the best of luck and success…and thank you for all the moments!

I guess that is all.

Today is all about being grateful.

Thanks for sailing with this blog!

The Best Push In Life

I really love computer games.

And I was hoping that one day, I would be able to write for an electronic sports website.

Well, that remained to be just a…hope until I did something 55 days ago.

One morning, I started to take a bit of courage and apply to a few websites. I did not think that I will be even accepted into the job; all I wanted to do is to try something new apart from me trying to create a portfolio for my upcoming Creative Writing MA/MFA applications.

Then I remembered that there was a forum where members of the Philippine eSports Organization posted lots of stuff; I decided to register on the forum and share two of my takes on electronic sports. I did not intend to apply or anything; rather, I just wanted to share my ideas on the matters that I thought were important to the scene.

Afterwards, Lady Luck answered me with a good smile. Apparently, my current editor was able to read the articles that I made, and quite surprisingly, he invited me to be a guest writer at their official website, which is actually a partner of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, one of Philippines’ largest and most respected newspapers!

I was really happy that it happened, and although it took me three days to think, I really wanted to take the job.

I started writing by October 4.

For those who are interested in reading what I have created so far, come here!

It changed my life literally.

It allowed me to have exposure, improve my writing, meet with people, and get the experience that I need in order to do better!

What’s more, I am doing my two passions in one job: computer games and writing!

I am really happy that I took that leap of faith. After all, doing it was no easy task!

Today’s prompt is about taking a leap of faith.

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On A Friday: Randomness

The weather outside is gloomy once again and I am a bit sick. Just a bit.

I guess I’m thankful that I am just a bit sick. I expected worse to be honest. At least, this one may be solved with a few bananas and some other fruits.

Meds make me really drowsy and lethargic, to be honest; the weather does not help by showing a gray face, like those Kappa emoticons that they are showing on chat. Well, I’m trying to be upbeat and everything (being the professional optimist that I am), but right now, taking even a few steps outside is quite a problem for me!

Well, whatever. I’m not here to rant about being sick.

Life is beautiful.

You take it for granted, but you value it just as it seems to flutter.

Well, as for me, except for a short period in the past, life was full of memories, both funny and happy.

There are a lot of things to smile on.

Starting with the fact that I am still alive, for instance…

Lately, I saw this status on Facebook:

“Other people’s success is not your failure.” And if in case you’ve forgotten, you’re a human and not a crab.

In the Filipino culture, there’s a tendency for people to pull others who are at the top back down to the bottom of the pit. It is famously called “crab mentality”.

Here is my reply (and yes, it has became a part of my life for a very long time):

“Other people’s success is also a ladder for mine. So no reason to pull people down!

For a lot of instances in my life, it is true.

I don’t tend to have malicious intentions against people who did not harm me in any way whatsoever. Even though he or she can be my enemy, I don’t think that I should put “justice” in my hands.

Well, these are the random thoughts that I have this Friday.

And yes, it is still cold.

Teaching students is always a good thing.

Even though it is tiring and some people throw sh*t at you.

Once you got the heart to do it, you’ll love it.

Trust me.

And yeah, don’t forget to develop professionally! It helps a lot!

Lethargic Mode

Today, I’m a bit sick and I feel really, really lethargic to the point that even banging the keys of the keyboard takes me a lot of effort. I’ve got flu, I’m on meds and what’s worse, I’ve become as wet as a cat in the rain. Hell, so why am I even writing about the things that I want to do?

I don’t know. Maybe it is just the irresistible desire to share. Or maybe it is just the fact that I just want to bang the keys of my keyboard to the very end.

In this case, I either want to do two things: Firstly, I want to sit at home and have some good old-fashioned matches with my friends. Most probably it would be Call of Duty or some other game in which we could play together. Or maybe we’ll just all share a few moments with biscuits and tea.

Secondly, if I have the money and the desire, I’ll go to a museum for the day. See history, or to be more precise, the remnants of it.

Then maybe I’ll just stay at home, eat grapes and drink some apple juice. To be honest, I do not have much to think about – no, I have a lot to think of, but I do not even know where to start.

I really want to do everything in one day, if that was humanly possible. But I can’t do it in one day.

Maybe I’ll just settle on doing one thing at a time then. So here’s the thing that I have in mind right now:

Read a book, eat some oranges and rest as if there was nobody else in the world.

I know that I can’t drag my feet anyway, so I guess I’ll just do my best to be alive.

Because right now, I feel like a freaking zombie.

A zombie with a heavy head.

I just want to rest, relax, and try to do something!

Today’s prompt is about the ideal day.

Thanks for sailing with this blog!


Well, Well, Well: Cursed?

Well, since I have other things to do despite the fact that I did not spend a lot of time doing something other than writing and watching people play Scrabble throughout the day, I’d like to keep this short and fast.

I do not have a lot of cousins…oops, that’s a wrong thing to say: I have a lot of cousins, but I do not know most of them and I have never been close with the ones whom I have met. In short, we know that we are relatives, but all that we have done is basically “meet and greet.”

The thing is that apart from the one cousin who is saying eccentric things (well, quite a lot of people in the clan are eccentric to a certain extent), there is a general case of “stupidity” amongst my relatives: They fight bitterly over petty things such as inheritance, land or simply some ordinary matter that would have been easily solved by some normal and cool arbitration.

My mother says that it is due to the fact that our forefathers did not stand by their promise to become good people and to do something right for their respective families. Thus, she continues, quite a lot of people brought down the “curse hammer” on the clan, and since then, all sorts of calamities have come down upon the family to the point that we, as a clan, has broken apart into a thousand pieces.

Sure, we are many, but we are no more than absolute starngers to each other.

There’s no need for eccentricity if your bloody clan is “cursed” in the first place!

I really wonder who will break the curse of the family.

Maybe it’s not real, maybe it’s just all about people who do not try to reach a compromise or who don’t try to be on the same page.

As for me, I’ll do my job and I’ll try to be a productive member of the family as possible.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cousin It.”

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Well, so here’s one of the things that I have heard when I was snipping on one of my friends:

“Hello, hope you are fine, how’s the exam?”

“Exam’s fine, E. What are you doing?”

“Well, I am chatting with my friends here. It’s break time.”

“Oh I see. Take care. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

He did not notice that I actually heard the whole conversation and only when I started joking around it (around a few days later) did he realize that I knew quite a lot – well, not as much as he thought I knew.

He did not say anything, given the Nice Guy that he is.

Then, there’s another one, a snippet in which my friend actually asked me to do (yes, that is not a snippet, I know) and here it is:

Dear D,

You know that this is our X anniversary and I want you to know that no matter how far am I, I will still be always with you.

Don’t worry about me, focus on enjoying your life; I know that we are 16,000 kilometers away from each other, but it won’t matter…

Take care of yourself and stay cool!



So here’s my personal take on this one: I do not need to ask people for the details of their freaking personal lives, because as far as my friends are concerned, the information comes 99% by itself, anyways (Ever heard of the idiom “the walls have ears?”)

I have never been interested in other people’s personal lives anyway unless they contain my interests (A lot of friends have just told me all their secrets and I forgot almost all of them, to be honest) and even then, I would do my best to find it without hiding behind a wall or peeking behind a curtain.

Well, given that I’d rather play a video game, read a book or listen to some nice music, I don’t think that I’ll have too much time to eavesdrop on other people either. I mean, hey, I’ve never been a very social person in the first place!

Then again, who does not want to know what other people think about one’s self? I am confident that I know myself pretty much well, but there are times that my curiosity just goes off the charts and well, I guess I get to know what other people think of me through some crazy chats and whatnot.

But meh, whatever. I just guess that I’ll stick to my drowsy ways.

Getting snippets are nice, but I guess doing life without the need to resort to snippets is much better, no?

I mean hey, there’s transparency, and people won’t feel that you have invaded their bubble world!

I guess that’s all my mind could gather right now.

For more stories, please come here and read them!

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Kinder. That’s German for children.

Before I went to university, there was a thing called high school in which for the most part I want to forget, particularly the first two years that I have spent; don’t get me wrong, it has changed me for the better, but for those who say that it has made me stronger, it’s all a freaking sham.

University life is not yet over (I still have six months left) and I can safely say that it has been a very good run despite the hiccups and the obstacles that I have experienced. I would always remember the friends that I have earned in college and the things that I have seen…the moments that we have shared and the nights that we have spent wrecking the midnight candle; yeah, it has been a great journey.

But going back to being a child: It has been one of the best moments of my life, where I searched for gray hairs and plucked them out of my mother and/or father’s head. It is the moment where I ate as much fried bananas as I could; it is the time of the life where I could either do the chores in the house, go play outside with my friends from an otherwise dilapidated neighborhood or go sell fruits and/or fresh fish, walking for kilometers and shouting “Isda! Isda!” or “Mangga! Mangga!” to attract prospective customers.

It is the time where we just stared at the people who are in the internet cafe, playing games such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Command and Conquer, as if foreshadowing the future; it is the moment of our life where me and my friends fight for arcade credits as well as the title of the best player in the arcade (though I sucked at Mortal Kombat, there were quite a good number of games where I really shone).

Then, it is the age where we created our own games, fired water rockets or otherwise at other neighborhoods, throw pebbles, use slingshots, make spiders fight and whatnot. It is the time of life where we would all gather and play under the moonlight whenever the electricity is cut off; better yet, it is a time where we would show off our shadow puppeting and/or horror storytelling skills.

Finally, it is the time of my life where I was the king of the house whenever I was sick: No work, just lie down and/or play Atari games, drink all the orange juice that I want and eat all the bananas in the world.

I miss those days.

There’s no better age to live than being a child.

Salad is the name of the day!

Thanks for sailing with this blog!

Keys and More

I have one golden key.

A key that can open anything that I want to open.

Although I’ll normally say that I’ll use that key so that I can be able to open up a treasury and help other people who are in dire straits, I want to use it so that I can open up the hearts of people.

I want to open up a person’s heart.

I have no idea why am I even saying these things here in my blog, but well, here I am spouting the beans one by one as if they were held too long inside the warehouse.

I know that it’s not a thing of the jokeshop to love a person.

I know that I have still a lot of things to learn and I know that I am still someone who has just broken out into the larger world, into the larger scheme of things.

But I want to bring that person into this journey. We don’t need to be exactly in the same page of things; I just want to be able to show the proof of my love.

Even if it means using a golden key to earn that heart.

For other ways on using that magical golden key, come here and read them!

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Waiting Too Much is Retarded

I’ll be blunt and staright from the get-go.

I will not mince words about this one.

It is nice to wait a bit, to sit back and assess the situation, but to wait too much without doing something means that one is acting passively, and hell, acting passive is not worth a lot of people’s time in this cutting-edge world.

If I want something, I usually tend to plan for both the short term and the long term. I tend to be on the side of action, because as I said, I’d like to push the issue quite frequently and assert it from the first minute that I think about it.

Sure, there are several exceptions, such as love stories and whatnot (the general rule of tongue is to be steady, be slow, and relax), but well…

It’s just retarded to wait too much.

‘Nuff said.

Today’s topic is all about waiting.

Thanks for sailing with this blog!

Gifts and Gifts

Thus far, I did not recieve any gift that has been done by hand from any of our gift exchanges.

I’m not sad.

In fact, I am happy because my friends at the university have gave me good gifts; I think that they have handpicked them pretty well. I really wonder whether I will be able to do the same when it comes to picking gifts.

Well, as far as this year is concerned, I am hoping that I would be able to pull myself together and get a good gift for the person that will come out in the draw.

This time around, I am ready, as there is a 75% probablility of the raffle turning out to be a female: I’ve hope for three years to be able to pick up a male on the draw; however, females kept turning out as expected.

It’s just basically hard to buy things for females. I guess I’ll go on for another detective round and see what comes out…I hope that I will be able to get a very good tip this freaking time around and nail it.

Going back to handmade gifts, the only thing that I have ever got was food. And food wasn’t even counted as a gift anyway…

Looking back, at least it was not as bad as high school. At least, certain aspects are better.

I’ll say that I really appreciate the gifts that I have recieved and I hope that they were happy or satisfied with the things that they have gotten from me.

I’d like to end this year’s gift exchange with a bang.

And I hope that the name that I will pick will be someone who does not have specific tastes.

I will never know…

I guess I’ll leave it all to Lady Luck then!

Well, I hope that someone will give me a present by hand. For now, it’s nice to read the stories of others!

Thanks for sailing with this blog!