Mirrors Boom!

I woke up one Sunday morning only to find out that all the mirrors inside the house have been gone away forever. I can remember that the wind was a bit chilly even though the sky was crystal blue and the sun was shining bright; it is always a reminder that no matter how good the summer may have seemed to be, it must always make room for autumn and for winter.

I did not even notice that there used to be a mirror in the bathroom. I thought that it was just a sort of coincidence that it was there, until all my housemates have pointed that they could not even take a look at themselves.

Oh seriously?

I never considered a mirror to be useful; I thought of it as a useless distraction that breaks, and as far as I can remember, there’s this superstition that a person who breaks a mirror is entitled to bad luck for seven years. I would not want to have any of that, to be honest.

But then, I realized, oh sh*t, we don’t have any mirrors any more. What should we do?

My perspectives in life would never change (to tthe point that it rides a fine line between consistency and narrow-mindedness). I will always be the same person (or will try to be as similar or as equal to the persona that I have/had in the past, minus the bad and the unnecessary elements), and well, I am able to brush my teeth, wash my face, and check my tooth without using a damn mirror anyway, so nothing much will change…

As one’s POV about the self is important (what is perception?) I do not percieve myself as anything other than a plebian or a simple person, even though events and attitudes prove otherwise. I will still follow this blind rule, no matter how much blind it seems to me!

Ta-daa! I guess it’s time for me to go out, grab some chips, drink some iced tea, and get some much-needed fresh air for me and my body!


This is the challenge for today. It mostly involves the disappearance of mirrors. Whew!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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Dear Sunrise

Dear Sunrise,

How is everything? I hope that you are fine out there. I hope that you will have a good time as you soar and streak through the sky today, making it blue.

We have just played a lot of Call of Duty 2, as well as Starcraft: Brood War and Call of Duty 4 as well. We play hard amidst chuckles, laughter, and taunts; heck, we even troll at each other!

I have written this so that you would know what me and my friends have been doing while you were gone. I have written this so that you’ll know how much you are valuable to me.

I have won a lot of matches, and all of my games have been really action-packed; even though I dropped some maps, it did not really matter. I mean, everyone was having fun, and everyone had the necessary firepower needed, which was composed of coffee,

I don’t know whether I will be able to see the Call of Duty ladder again. I do not have a laptop, and I would have really loved to play with people from around the world. I would have loved to hear their laughter; their banter, and their incessant jokes!

Seriously speaking, there are times that I could not sleep through the night. Maybe it’s because of thinking about the things that I did the previous day, or maybe it’s simply because I’m sick and I couldn’t even notice my body going up and doen and left and right.

But right now, I’m really happy as I eat a bunch of green seedless grapes from a white porcelian bowl, along with some lemonade. So great to have fun and you at my side!

Hope that you’ll have a great time ahead.

Best regards,


Sunrise is it!


There are a lot of times when I just really want to hear whatever the other side is talking. I keep on telling myself two things:

1. That I should not just eavesdrop on people.

2. That if I accidentally eavesdrop, then I should keep that information to myself.

There’s a third hidden rule as well, which I’ll never reveal here!

Here’s the thing:

In the past, I used to eavesdrop on simply any news regarding games and crushes (the latter proving to be more and more useful), but I don’t know…I find these kinds of news to be intriguing and exhilarating; but at the same time, they just prove to be devastating as well.

So at the end of the day, I stopped eavesdropping altogether, and I acted as if I did not care at all. Surely enough, the news still came…all by itself, as if confirming the maxim that “walls have ears”…and yeah, that was pretty nice!

I do not remember specific incidents, but one thing is clear: I’m up the food chain when it comes to collecting information. Processing them is another matter though…

Thanks for reading. Wee.

#prompt: Head Turners


School’s Never A Thing

Many people would agree with me if I would say that school is just a necessary hassle in order to earn the “qualifications” or the “colored paper” that is needed in order to be able to land a job in this extremely competitive and cutting-edge world. The thing is that school was never really something that I looked forward to; whenever I see that school is near, I usually go all-out on a binge; be it an eating, playing, or travelling binge (given that I get the money to do these things, of course).

As a kid, I was absolutely neutral towards school: I thought that it was a needed thing, and I also thought that 40 hours a week of sitting in the classroom was not a big thing, and as it turned out, I did not really mind about going to school five days a week, knowing that I’ll get to play and do whatever I want anyways, as long as I help in the household chores and whatnot.

Then comes high school, and believe it or not, I was counting the days, hours, minutes, and seconds that must pass from one weekend from the other; the ony few things that I’ve had in my high school were my overload of extracurricular activities, teachers, dormitory supervisors, and a very few friends who just go all-out in the weekend just as I do anyway.

Now that I’m in college, and that I’m in my senior year, all I thought was that school’s a sort of drug that is designed to make me go into a long sleep. Projects, homework, seatwork, exams…the list can go long. Still, I think that all the experiences that I am having in university would do me some sort of good, and I always think that COLLEGE is ONE of the BEST TIMES of my FREAKING LIFE, no matter what happens.

So I guess I’ll look forward to the school season not for the usual reasons, but for the sheer thrill of meeting people and doing something substantial!

Prompt: August Blues

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No Miracles

Sometimes, I just tend to take a break from life. This is why when certain people handed out invitations to certain social gatherings, I immediately grabbed them as if they were boxes of popcorn, and as fate would have it, I would come back for the second time to Iskilip after two and a half years of longing.

I knew very well that sooner or later, I’m coming back to this place, because the last time I came to this place, I’ve never had the chance to see everything that is Iskilip. And this time around, not only I have seen all of Iskilip (including some shitty people as labeled by Recep, that is), I have also met a lot of people and gotten myself a couple of new friends (I’ll be honest, I did not exactly like the part where I was supposed to do the Turkish dance; after all, I never danced in public).

It did not matter though, as I’ve had the chance to eat the famed “Iskilip Dolması” once again, which is basically steamed and treated rice and meat; it was just delicious!

Then we did a lot of other things; we did a barbecue party, I cooked some nice sauteed chicken, we went to the citadel, we went to have a picnic, and oh, everything was just nice and great!

Sure enough, my days in this town of 20,000 (not including the shit guys that Recep hates, by the way) are numbered. But I guess I’ll never forget the days that I spent here, even though I never had the chance to stay up at night: For some reason, I get pretty much asleep easily nowadays.

At a restaurant in Elmalibel, some 15 kilometers away from Iskilip.

From left to right: Recep, Onur (Recep’s nephew), me, Murat, and Emre (Muftuoğlu).


In front of the house.

From left to right: Seyithan, Recep, Murat, me, and Ahmet. Taken after the circumcision ceremony.

A World Of Thoughts

It’s a big world out there, and I never thought that I will be a part of that world, a part of that change, a part of that meaning. I used to be a child that knows nothing about the world; a person who is a nobody but for his books, and a guy who did not think that one day, he will be here, sitting among friends, having a good time and thinking about the world.

I never knew the meaning of life at first; I thought that it was just a journey where people meet each other and then let go. I thought that it was just another road to oblivion; a road where the end is not in sight, a road that get rocky and rougher by the minute. I thought that I will have nothing to hold on; I thought that I will have nothing to grab on the way.

I thought that I will just be another statistic in the endless road of humanity; I thought that I will just be an automaton that eats, sleeps, and drinks; I thought that I will grow without feeling, and I thought that I will be a monster; a bear in man’s clothes, with no emotions, with only blood and greed in hand.

I never thought that I will have the propensity to recreate myself, to recreate my world. Then all of a sudden…

A hand…

Two hands…

A multitude of hands grabbed me out of the quagmire that contained me and suffocated me; a multitude of souls whisked me out of the shell that enclosed me and tried to keep my senses narrow.

Then I realized who I am.

I was a human.

I was not an animal.

I was somebody with aspirations, with thoughts, with wishes that transcend even the greatest stars.

Then I grew up, and I realized that I can help to make the world a better place without a sweat.

I realized that the essence of humanity fell into three things at the end of the day:

First, on how much I can keep it between my balls.

Second, on how much I can keep my sanity intact.

Thirs, on how much I can keep the mind open.

I took them to heart, and I started to travel the world, on foot, on train, on plane.

I saw the light.

I saw the reality of life.

And now I’m back.

Here I am, a person who has realized that humanity is a gift.

A responsibility.

And a path to eternity.

Building a new world is never easy. Retelling is never easy.

But one can make a way, right?

For more, please come here!

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Ok Boys

Once we discussed something about whether people should support electronic sports or not.

“Electronic sports should be banned in the country!”


“Because they harm children! Why don’t they go for books instead of going to the internet cafe and wasting their time?”


The thing is that although I’ve had replies for most of his points (some of them we’re tired of hearing from mainstream media, by the way), I did not have a reply to this one (I read a lot of books myself, so I can’t just get a standard rebuttal and throw it at him). I felt bad, and the answer came to me so late that it was already useless:

He left the city already for his graduation ceremony back at his hometown. He got a very good GPA, and yeah sure, I’m proud of him and whatnot.

The reply that came to my mind was:

“Well, can’t they multitask? And e-sports doesn’t mean you’ve got to go to the internet cafe and spend tons of money!”

It was too late already.

Whatever. To hell with it, I’ve got better things to do.

The thing is that I tend to forget the “omni-tier replies” that I wanted to make. They usually come afterwards, and yeah, it’s safe to say that they are useless.

I think that it’s all about the state of the mind when one is discussing those things; I think that one only needs to have a sharp mind in order to prevent these things from happening.

Well, whatever. I’m just gonna take another cup of iced tea and bang away at the keyboard…

PROMPT: Discussion Enders

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Perspectives from A Coffee Cup

Outside, flecks of snow slowly fall to the ground, covering the ground in a white blanket. The blistering cold is enough to pierce even the hardest of hearts, and while the night slowly goes on, I took a second to reflect on the things that go into the daily psyche.

Today, we are faced with such words as integration and globalization. The question is, for what purposes do they use these concepts? Do they intend to genuinely create a better, smaller global village? Or do they intend to create an autocratic global empire?

I feel strongly about multinational companies: Whether we would admit it or not, they have became the new empires of the 21st century; their power spans beyond a country’s borders, and to add to that, they suck the economic life of the countries that they occupy, not allowing smaller enterprises to thrive in the market.

Yes,globalized communication has given us a new identity, a new perspective to life, even a new sense of connectivity; but did it increase our sensitivity about the pains that other people face? Did it increase our inner strength? Did it preserve the true meanings of the values that we stand for?

Despite everything, I believe that this world will be a better place in the future. It is said that there are 65 million colors; that just means that each of us would have a chance to shine and contribute with our own “colors” to the betterment of this world. I believe that people will be much better in the future, despite all the injustices that people are committing nowadays…

For: Breaking The Ice

Never, Ever Forget

There was a time in my life when everything was just as crap as hell, and when everything was just all about horrible nightmares. The situation was so bad that I even contemplated taking my life, and sure, I came out stronger, but after that period, my life was never the same again.

But then, not all bad periods carry bad influences and events with it. If I did not even come to that place, I would never have had the chance to met this one hell of a guy, who’s my friend, mentor, and guide all at the same time.

His name is Ahmad Malik. When I first saw his face, I surely saw immediately that he’s not gonna be the trash that gave me headaches every single day.

“Care to have a chocolate bar?”

I gladly accepted his offer, and I started to ask his name, among other things. Within a few moments, I have earned myself a best friend.

Then he helped me grow both in heart and soul. He taught me certain things about our religion, and he also gave a good deal of advice on how to deal with certain things; how to deal with the people who try to mock me and bring me down, and how to deal with whatever future that I’m gonna have…

We spent a lot of time together, so much that people thought it was weird, but it did not matter. We simply did not care.

Until one day, he graduated from school, and I was left all alone. But I’m happy that he has come to my life.

We are still talking as of this day, laughing, even though I’m in Ankara and he is in Manila.

I will never forget that he came.

And I thank God for sending me a friend like him.

This is short, and there are more better stories out there: Weekly Prompt

The weekly prompt is about friendship, and I suggest you go out there (I am writing this while distracted and in a half-assed state of mind!)

Still, thanks for sailing! Good luck!

Road To Ibiza

One day, Mark is sitting somewhere in his house. He is just an ordinary teacher who does not even dream of going abroad. However, he really wanted to go to Europe…and he really wanted to go to Ibiza; after all, he does not want to be one of those losers who are just couch potatoes and who do not have any life experiences other than the television set.

He is just sitting there, feeling like a loser. With only 20,000 pesos per month, and with all the mortgage and the bills and the things that he has to pay, he would never hope to be able to afford the 80,000 pesos that he needs to pay…

He just started eating saging rebusao and drinking a glass of concentrated grape juice. Today’s a Saturday, and there’s no better way to spend a weekend than to get away from the buzz of social media and to sit in front of a porch that overlooks a garden!

He knows that he should be happy; after all, he knows that his beloved country, the Philippines, is home to some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, forests, and scenes. Especially if one stays here in Puerto Princesa, which is the gate to the South China Sea where all sorts of fish and crustecreans are there…

He just wants to see Ibiza, even once in his life.

All of a sudden, a mirror-like thing appeared in front of him, showing a place full of white houses and crystal-clear blue waters.

“What the heck is this?” he asked himself. He thinks that it is just a cruel illusion, a bad mirage that reminds him that some dreams are just too high for him to attain.

Then all of a sudden, he sees himself rolling and twisting and melting into a singularity that sucked all the colors that he can count since childhood.

In the blink of the eye, he is standing at the beach.

Many people, clad in their summerwear, are happily enjoying the Balearian sun, the Mediterrenean water, the easterly wind, and the lives that they are living right now.

Mark held himself just to feel that it was real.

And then, he jumped in joy, but one thing came to his mind:

“How the heck will I return to Puerto Princesa?”

Once again, a mirror-like thing appeared in front of him, showing a place that is green and that shows his house. He touched it, and he sees himself rolling and twisting and melting into a singularity that sucked all the colors that he can count since childhood, all over again!

Then within moments, he is back at the house!

He finally attains his dream!

He changes into his summer clothes, he thinks of Ibiza again, and once again, he’s there! And he’s ready to swim!

He couldn’t hide his joy…


I personally want to go to Ibiza someday and have a bit of the Mediterranean sun!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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For more, see Tunnel Vision…

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