Holy sh*t, have you been stalking me?

Well, it’s just another autumn day here in Ankara and it’s just another showcase of the four seasons in one day. I just go through the usual ritual of school, home, and studies; that is, until one of my friends have decided that we visit some mutual people that we know for a bit of a change…After all, anything that gives a break from the routines of life is acceptable, right?

We rode a bus to Gaziosmanpaşa (GOP), which is one of the city2s most affluent districts. It is the place where most of the embassies are located and it is the place where most of the city’s old money as well as the increasing nouveau riche live. Overall, it’s a great place to be if you have the money and resources to do so.

We came to a house, and well, it seemed like a normal house. Except that it seemed too normal.

I looked around and I saw that they living room is furnished exactly the same: four sofas, two carpets, a place where store things like tables, chairs, vacuums, etc.The walls are colored blue, and I just thought that it was just a crazy and odd coincidence.

That is, until I went to see the entertainment room.

I went in only to find that we were using the same rig; heck, even the table comes from the same model, and we have all the same games installed!

Then I went back to the living room, and I saw my friend and my acquaintance talking to each other over cups of chocolate and plates of deliciously-looking cookies.

The acquaintance greeted:


I’ve had only one reaction:

“Holy sh*t, have you been stalking me?”

That citizen just laughed.

That person just laughed mischievously, as if there was no one else around.

For more doppelgangers, come here!

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Thoughts and More Thoughts

As I looked back towards my life in the past, I felt that each moment, each success, and each failure that I have experienced has actually contributed to the person that I am right now. Whether it’s a big event in my life or just a small, insignificant event, each of them have shaped a certain aspect of my character, and I must say that all of these points have added up to my general sense of life and humanity in general.

I can easily relate to this through the thing that I love the most: Writing. There’s a Turkish writer who once said about the people who work in the writing profession:

“You can take away the pen, but the pen will always come back to you if you are destined for it.”

These are not the exact words, of course, but the general thought that he wants to impart is the same.

I’ve had my first experience in writing when I was in third grade. At that time, there was an essay-writing competition, and when I found out that I lost and that I haven’t gotten a spot on the podium, I threw my pen away in anger and I ripped my paper into a thousand pieces. Little did I know that it would symbolise my “baptism by fire” in the field of writing.

Right now, I am working as an electronic sports columnist in one of Philippines’ most prestigious publications (you can read all my articles here), and it is interesting that I also worked as a small-time student journalist when I was back in high school and that I served as the editor-in-chief of our high school paper for around two years or so. At the time, I never thought that I will be a prolific writer, let alone work in a nationally recognized publication: I feel that it is a very lucky break for me, and I am really thankful that I have been given the chance to do so.

When I was a high school student, I thought that journalism was just a fun thing to do and a great way to explore places, meet people, and see society; I never thought that the things that I learned and the hours that I toiled will equip me with the necessary skills in order to be able to write proficiently. Right now, as I look back in my life in retrospect, I realize that everything was worth the time and effort that was spent, no matter how little the steps seemed to be.

And finally, yes, since electronic sports is a big deal about computer games, I am very fortunate to have developed a healthy interest in the sector, and I am very lucky to have followed a lot of games from my childhood onwards. This has given me the necessary background knowledge of the gaming culture as well as the typr of games that are in and out, and in turn, I am able to use right now my interest in games in order to be able to perform my best.

Overall, every step of my life has lead me to this point (at least in terms of writing); even though video games and writing never seem to have much in common, at one point, they have joined together in order for me to reach this good point in life!

Yeah, this must be my butterfly effect.

No wonder that I keep on seeing white butterflies on my path…

This week’s prompt is about the Butterfly Effect.

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Inside Infernal Affairs

This scene is taken from the movie called “The Departed”, which is actually a Hollywood adaptation of one of Hong Kong’s best films. called “Infernal Affairs”. As mentioned, there is a final scene where everyone just kills each other, and well, I’d like very much to be in that scene. Here it is:

I was watching them meet, and I see that Costigan catches Sullivan off-guard and handcuffs him. As Costigan had secretly arranged, Officer Brown appears on the roof as well. I was surprised to see Sullivan in handcuffs and held at gunpoint by Costigan, Brown draws his gun on Costigan. Costigan explains his actions by revealing that Sullivan is the mole. The I see Costigan asking Brown why Dignam did not accompany him, but the police guy did not answer. Costigan leads Sullivan to the elevator and Costigan’s academy friend takes the stairs to follow them.

When the elevator reaches the ground floor and the doors open, Officer Barrigan shoots the undercover agent in the head. When Brown arrives a while later, Barrigan kills him too. Barrigan reveals to Sullivan that Costello had more than one mole in the police and that Costello was going to give both of them up to the FBI. Then Barrigan momentarily turns and Sullivan shoots him in the head. I was surprised at the amount of betrayal, surprises, twists, and events that has happened so far over the last ten minutes! I did not follow them to the police headquarters, but I heard from a member of the housekeeping staff that Sullivan has created a story to protect himself, identifying Barrigan as the mole and recommends Costigan for the Medal of Merit.

Well, afterwards, I just hear that Sullivan was killed by Dignam after the funeral. Easy life, easy time.

There’s nothing in betrayal that ends well. Remember that one!

Today’s challenge is called the Fourth Wall.

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On Inequality and Social Mobility: Short Notes

It is said that no one has been born similar, and it has been known since the beginning of time that everyone has been created unique, has been given different potentialities, and might even be not born equal. I’ll accept this anytime of the day, because I know that this world is supposed to be a place for playing it hard. However, I will never accept the fact that people are unable to mobilize up the rungs of society, thanks to people who just want to hoard wealth and get it all, thanks to people who worship wealth and fame, and thanks to people who think that money is much more important than morals. It is this thing in people that has created many of the problems that we are facing in this world nowadays, whether it be at a micro or at a micro level; from the economic crises to the simple student debt issues; from children unable to get proper education to all those things as sexism and disrespect of minorities: I’ll never accept the fact that money determines the ability of a person’s social mobility.

In my life, yeah we have started relatively poor, but we were lucky enough to have opportunities to get out of the poverty line, which in this case, not having a house and not having to deal with debt from other people. However, it’s hard to get out of that line without grit and determination; we needed to work hard and play hard as a family, and for my part, that meant trying to have at least decent grades in order to get through primary and secondary school, as well as getting the necessary scholarships in order to continue studying, and thankfully, by the grace of God, as well as the help and support of my family, friends, and mentors, I am here right now, trying to live the dream as fully as possible.

I’d like to be a productive and an useful citizen, because I think that this is the best way for me to provide a hand in reducing inequality in society.

Inequality is not an issue. It is the denial of opportunities in order for everyone to be able to increase in social mobility that actually sucks.


A Letter to Someone Special <3

Dear 322,

I know that you should be very happy right now with what is happening in E-Sports. You and your friends have done a great job…really great job actually, because you managed to snag a lot of people into your flag.

I know that you really love people, and I know that you have a very good personality. This is why I want to send this letter to you so that people will know you and more people will be attracted to you.

I know that you like to make games more interesting and crazy by making people bet on the wrong side of the road. I know that you are a charming persona who can attract even the most cautious of people. I know that you have succeeded in doing this a lot of times and I know that unless people will know you more, they will keep being attracted to you.

I know that you are kind and beautiful and whatnot. I know that you have a face that shines as bright as the moon and I think this is the reason why people are attracted to you. I know that those who follow you are extremely loyal and would never stop in following your footsteps. I just hope that you are happy with what you are doing, because, well, all things have to go down at a certain time!

I know that you are smart, this is why you have attracted the eyes of everyone in this industry called electronic sports. I wanted to make a lot of jokes with you, but then I realized that it was not worth my precious time and effort to do so…I have realized it too late, maybe too late…

But I am here to tell everyone who you really are. I know that you play with money as if you play with toys; money should be respected and not used like that in the first place! I know that you play with people as if they’re your pets and <expletive> you for doing just that. I know that you try to drag as many people as you can into your ring, but you will never stop what is destined for you.

Go to hell 322. You are a freaking disgrace, and yes, if you come to my door and ask for forgiveness, yeah, normally I forgive and give in to people who plead and beg. But I’ll make an exception for you, because no matter how much you lick the dust, and no matter how much you will cry and act and beg for me to come back, I have only two words for you:

F**k off.

Goodbye. And yes, it was very interesting; the times that I have had with you, thanks for that. Shit please.

Best regards,

One lucky guy


http://esports.inquirer.net/content.php?249-Dotaleaks-A-look-into-322PH (match-fixing scandal)

http://www.mineski.net/news/3786-investigations-regarding-the-322-scandal-has-begun (also another news portal)

Well, this is meant to be a little joke. No persons are involved or mentioned here!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Thanks!

Genre Blender for this week! Nyee-hah!

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No Read, Much Play

Playing computer games is one of the things that make me happy, other than reading books, writing things, and traveling to a bunch of places. Well, whenever my mind does not want to read, and whenever life just not goes on for the smooth ride, then I just go in front of a computer monitor and start playing Dota 2/Call of Duty or watching games on Twitch/Hitbox! Too much escapism and too much time away from books is not good for me, I know, but well, electronic sports is just too damn nice for me not to do and follow! Especially with my new “monitor internship” at the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s E-sports (aka competitive video games) section, I have to follow a lot of games, juggle it up with my portfolio preparations, and finally read my notes from the previous lessons or advanced readings for the next lecture!

The last time that I did not get a real book from start to end took quite a long time; three months to be be exact, and then I picked up a book called “Books v cigarettes” by George Orwell, who is well-known for Animal Farm and 1984, but at the same time is a one-of-a-kind essayist; his essays have been really mind-opening and mind-blowing, especially the one where he talks about his previous schooling (I think it was called “Such, Such Were the Joys”), and I really enjoyed his observations overall.

That is the book that has broken my “no-read, much-play” policy; even though some could claim that I would have better used that time studying or reading, there’s a fact that I did not want to do both during that time; after all, my life was in a bit of a mess, so I just wanted to make sure that my mind is occupied by something that can stimulate me and force me to focus, and I have found it in games like Call of Duty!

Well, I guess that’s it!

Today’s prompt is about reader’s block, and I want you to read others’ entries!

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One, Two, Max Three!

As a person, I used to talk a lot in public. That is, until life has finally caught with the likes of me who just get through it with sheer bloody luck; who never knows what fate will throw at them the next day, just trying to get through the 24-hour period of life as stable as possible. And then all over again, and then over again, until I have no choice but to stop talking and focus on other things.

Then I started to think about how much should I talk in public. I am still finding my own balance, as there are times that I do not talk at all, and there are times that I just go overboard; if there is a place where I should get some balance in my life, then that should be one of three things: my talking, my walking, and my mannerisms. I hope that I will be able to deal with my talking habits as proficiently and precisely as possible!

I usually like talking with a single person or two people; I am not exactly a big fan of big groups, because, well, there are times that you don’t even get to put your input and you just have to go silent and go with the flow. Sure, I used to talk with my own mind, but well, it has been reduced nowadays, mainly due to the fact that my mind is just trying to create imaginative pictures for my fingers to turn into stories or working to push forward my process whenever I create some other things, such as non-fiction for instance.

As I said, one or two persons are fine; three should be the ideal maximum so that we can talk whatever we want in the way that we want it. In addition, each person gets to present his or her ideas; well, that is a very good thing to have, isn’t it?

The best conversations that I have ever had lasted until the wee hours of sunrise. That should tell people my propensity to talk…

Whatever guys :D

Counting voices is never easy, isn’t it?

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Word Adventures

As a person who does not even care about knowing the dictionary meanings of the words that I use either in my everyday speech (hell, I only speak English with some of my friends, given that I am a Filipino and that we use our own respective languages) or in my writing sprees (yeah, my writing is not consistent; it always comes in streaks although I am trying really hard to get myself to write something every single day of my freaking life), I have never realized most of the meanings of the words that I have used until people start asking me this question:

“What is the meaning of this word?”

I generally do not have the answers to the questions, mainly because I did not feel the need to consult a dictionary or a similar resource for checking the meaning of that particular vocabulary item; heck, my usage was 99% on-the-spot, especially when it comes to writing!

For instance, I never knew the dictionary meaning (i.e. denotation) of the word “lingering” until I looked it up in the dictionary a couple of months ago. I guessed that the meaning is something that is related to the word “remnant” or is something that is related to a thing that is feebly there even though it’s gone; but when I realized the meaning, I never thought that the word can be used in four or five ways!

Here’s the denotation:

lin·ger  (lnggr)

v. lin·gered, lin·ger·ing, lin·gers

1. To be slow in leaving, especially out of reluctance; tarry.
2. To remain feebly alive for some time before dying.
3. To persist: an aftertaste that lingers.
4. To proceed slowly; saunter.
5. To be tardy in acting; procrastinate.

To pass (a period of time) in a leisurely or aimless manner.
And this is just a single example in a multitude of other words! Surely enough, I have learned the denotations of these items over time, but as I said, I was using these words ever since I began writing certain things…
I have also noticed these amongst people who have a similar ability; call it creativity, traits, or genes: I don’t know man, I’m just happy to have these things with me, and I am very happy that I am just using words without the need to consult the Cambridge Unabridged Dictionary or some other similar stuff!
Today’s prompt is about misadventures with words.
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A View from the Outside World

Many of us gamers are raving about the meteoric rise of the electronic sports industry around the world, and yes it is true in many aspects as we see many tournaments being held locally and internationally across many disciplines such as DOTA 2, LOL, Hearthstone, SC2 among others, and it is most especially true as many investors and companies have realized the potential of the sector to grow exponentially around the globe, the fact remains that it is mostly uncharted land, especially to most people out there who do not know much about the gaming culture. So, for at least once, let’s tackle electronic sports from an outside point of view, and what exactly is going on both at the micro and macro level; after all, we must be able to explain it properly if we are to be able to promote values such as moderation and responsible gaming in the first place, right?

Mind mixed up!

Feel free to write today!

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Books and ME

I have a very crazy relationship when it comes to books. Yes, I am quite an avid reader, and I really go nuts whether someone loses one of my books or forgets to return the books that they have borrowed from me. In fact, it is one of those things that irk me; for instance, whenever there’s someone who wants to read a book that I am currently reading, or whether someone disrupts my library schedule (to be honest, I go to the library less nowadays), I really get angry and I am just as bad as an angry gangster can be.

I have a row of books in my current residence (that’s around 20-30 books), in addition to a couple of others scattered amongst my friends here in Turkey and several more books placed in our house back in the Philippines. There is a good balance between fiction and non-fiction, and unsurprisingly, I do not have any extra copies of any of the books owing to their cost and my financial status as a student (yes, my money flies out of the window once I buy books, especially ones that I have a liking for), and due to the fact that I striven very, very hard to get them, I do not want my books to end up somewhere which .ı do not want.

There was this book, Angels and Demons, written by Dan Brown. One of my friends borrowed it, and well, he lost it by accident. I wanted to turn his world upside down (that was the extent of my anger) and I did not talk to him for a good period of time. I did not want to talk for a longer period of time until he apologized and explained the situation pretty well. I don’t think that he remembers the incident, but I do, and I have a mental list of where each book should be found, and for how long does the person have that book.

In addition, I am not really comfortable with people making faces at me while reading a book; I’ll tolerate them poking at my drafts or print material, but I do not tolerate people who joke around whenever I read; Once, I threw a couple of books at a person’s head for exactly that reason. I saw that incident as a portrait of a person who just really wanted attention…

As I said, I love books a lot, even though I am unable to take care of them in the best way possible.

Today’s prompt is all about the things that make you irk.

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