The Esports Writer’s Diary: November 24, 2015


Articles made for this week: 2
Reach: In the thousands
Happiness level: Generally happy
Esports earnings for this week: ZERO PESOS
Physically fit? Trying.

Drinks for today:

1 cup of MILO chocolate drink
2 glasses of iced tea
1 500-ml water bottle
1 Yakult drink
1 355-ml C2 iced tea

Evening, Greenhills, San Juan, Manila

I am a bit sick now. Even though I feel really good inside, my body says otherwise.

Having just finished my article on a Filipino team getting a good placing at an international CrossFire tournament, I took a look at the things that people have said so far regarding the article. Although I would have loved to see the article featured on the main INQUIRER.Net social media account, I guess I am happy that thousands have read my work.

I went home immediately after class; my head has been aching since morning and I had a good bout of fever as well. I rested for two hours, ate dinner at 6 and then went on to read a couple of things.

Outside of the Esports world, everything’s going crazy. Turkey has just shot down a Russian warplane and the all-mighty Putin has just called it as a “stab in the back“. It is too early to call out who was right or wrong in this situation (it is a fact that the Russians have violated Turkish airspace in the past), but some huge things will happen over the next few days.

Meantime, school remains the same. I teach Values Education, Reading and ESL to my students; whether they learn something out of it is a completely different matter.

Being an Esports writer is a completely different thing. On one hand, it is a very nice thing to be on the train: When everyone gets something out of it, you know that something is being done right – and indeed, I am very happy to be a pioneer of Esports writing here in the Philippines (although I know that I should do better than this.)

On the other hand, Esports is still a very young industry, which means that in comparison to other fields of journalism, people are basically considered as second-class citizens – unless you work for a prestigious publication.

It does not matter at the moment though. Besides, I have never, ever, ever delved into writing for the sake of the money, the prestige or the perks that come with it.

I want to enrich myself and the people around me – and in the case of Esports journalism, to provide a constant standard on how to run things.

Guess that’s all for today!



Random Thoughts 9: A Jumbled Mind


So, it is the end of the six-day holiday.

Hundreds of things have happened throughout this time, some of which include the APEC summit, Alma Moreno’s interview, Roridgo Duterte’s declaration of his candidacy for the Philippine presidency, arrests in Belgium and Barcelona’s thrashing of Real Madrid with a score of 4-0.

On the virtual side of things, OG just brought back the 2nd-place curse to Jacky “EE” Mao’s Team Secret by winning the first Valve-sponsored Dota 2 major. Meanwhile, Pacific.Macta got second place in their first international CrossFire competition this year: Not bad for starters!

And here I am, having a very heavy feeling in my head, trying to assess and do the best thing that I should do next. I tried to read as many books as I can and I was actually able to finish three of them (plus the one that I was supposed to finish some two weeks ago).

For the most part, I enjoyed my vacation and I guess that is the reason why I feel a good amount of anxiety at the moment: My mind certainly did not want this sojourn to end.

Before this vacation, I felt lousy and sick of life. My perspective was so awful that there were a lot of times in which I did not want to do absolutely anything, which contributed to my mental block that lasted for a week or so.

At the very least, this one offered me the chance to re-examine myself, spend some time with friends and redefine whatever aspirations that I have in life.

It took me like twelve hours before I was finally able to decide that I should write a blog post. During that space of time, I tried to do some things, wind up my mind, download a couple of videos to watch, walked around a bit, etc.

The next one should be four weeks from now (or twenty working days; December 18, to be precise.) I hope that I will be able to become a better teacher, an organized guy and get that school paper up by then, so that the students will be able to have it finally!

Being a teacher is like being in a very exotic ride where the turns are sharp and the twists are unexpected. I always think that there’s always a good side to everything that happens in life…even though some of them seem to be as bitter as the scary little black olive on the table.

I’ll write something else later. That’s all for now.


There are always nice spots around…if you know how to find them!

Earth is a beautiful place. I guess it just takes a bit of perspective to appreciate it!

A World of Questions


Sometimes, it is extremely frustrating when you try everything in your power, but still unable to get something out of it.

Sometimes, it is horribly frustrating when you say that you will deliver it, but unable to do so despite your best efforts.

Well, welcome to real life, so they say.

The pain, the horror and the desperation of our cries all roll up into one package at times.

The question is: Why?

Why is it that we have frustrated dreams?

Why is it that we need to go through hell…and back, again and again?

Why is it that we are alone in a crowd…in places which we are familiar with?

And why do we still hang to this thing called “hope”?

Why do we still hang on strong towards this journey called “life”?


I still want to smile despite it all.

I still want to laugh despite it all.

I still want to rock despite it all.

But now, I want to be lost. I just want to see time flow away, like the flow of a stream. I want to run away.

Maybe I want to sleep in a world of dreams, where everything is bright, beautiful and magnificent.

Or is it a world of tears?

There’s always a place for those who believe in a better future

For themselves and for the people that they cherish

Under that bright blue sky

Under that light south breeze

Under that dance of the trees

And then

On that day

You may see a genuine, caring and beaming smile

So that you can see

Why this life is worth fighting for.

My New Year’s Wishlist


When I looked up at the wonderful and crystal clear Sunday sky, I suddenly thought that since I’ve had a very good year, it’s now time to plan for the year ahead!

I am not a big fan of making New Year’s resolutions, so I’ll just make my own wish list for the upcoming year:

Grab an EnVyUs shirt

My favorite color is blue, but oh well! :D

I’ll start with the concrete and “attainable” stuff. EnVyUs is a professional electronic sports organization based in the United States; what made me love this team is the fact that one of its players has gone through a lot of hardships…and still never gave up despite the fact that he did not get what needed in order to be at the top of the world.

Now that this player is at the top of the world…and that color of their their jersey happens to be my favorite color, I’d really like to have one of these!

Travel somewhere in the Philippines


Going to Baguio or Davao as a tourist will be really good. If nothing else, then I want to go around my home city of Zamboanga (it’s a city in the southern portion of the Philippines, by the way.)

Be a better teacher

Okay, maybe we can help this person be a better one, no?
Okay, maybe we can help this person be a better one, no?

I may not be the best teacher ever and I know very well that I have a lot of things to do in order to become a good one. But I want to be able to exert my best efforts so that I can teach a thing or two to my students!

Step up my writing


Since writing is an integral part of my life, I want to diversify my writing portfolio. The only way that I can do this is through reading and writing more.

I need to start reading lots of books, magazines, plays, poems and other stuff in order to be able to have an inkling of an idea on how to write better,

‘Just cause.

Become a better person

Me and my friends. 'Nuff said!
Me and my friends. ‘Nuff said!

Okay, I think that I can be a better person. I know that I need to improve myself in a lot of ways and I believe that I can do it!

I do not want to be someone who rests on the laurels of the past. I do not want to be stagnant…and I want to be able to have more positive values in my life!

Well, I hope that I’ll be able to get some mileage on these!

The Hype Train

Have you ever ridden a hype train? Do you know what it is?

We all say that hype makes you high and makes you feel that you can conquer the world. Anyone or anything can activate that button inside you and will make you feel like you are flying away on a spaceship.

A hype train goes as fast as it could, turns as hard as it goes and stops as slow as humanly possible. It is something brimming with energy, strength and promise.

When you take a ride aboard a hype train, you are going to ride it as far as it could bring you, with tickets stamped and first-class seats for you and your friends.

When you take that train, it does not necessarily mean that you will have a story-book ending. It can be a very fast road to a good destination…or it can just come crashing down like a house of cards.

But at least, you get to live the story-line that many people do not experience in their everyday lives. You get to live higher and faster than the rest of the world around you.

The journey on that train may not last that long, but it can be meaningful and wonderful…and for those who are able to make it down the meandering track with a very nice ending, then that’s basically worth the distance and the fuel spent on the ride!

That’s the beauty of the hype train.

So come aboard and experience the wonders of life!

Choo! Choo!

Fallen House

Once upon a time
There was a house
Mighty and resilient
Leading the charge
Upon the plains of unknown

Though they had enemies
They were indomitable
They were untouchable
Though they were alone

In the darkness of the wilderness
They fought under the moonlight
To bring light to the world
And to bring new blood to the core

In the end the House fell
Not due to their enemies
But due upon themselves
A price they paid for their
Pride and hubris

Those who knew the legends
Say that there were those
Who were clean and were of no fault
And who even tried to keep it on

Now those horsemen
Flew to other Houses
At least they got better dreams
Even though this one got

And shattered

Yes indeed, those horsemen
Are still living their dreams
But will miss
The first House they had

Because it was not just a House…
It was a home.

A place
Which they can call as their own.

Teaching, teaching, and teaching: My Take


It is a hot and humid evening, with the trees standing still like honor guards under the light of the moon and the twinkles of the stars above the sky.

Imagine a setup on a broad wooden table, with some books, a weird-looking mousepad and a couple of drinks, all the while typing away at an ASUS Zenbook Pro, just typing words and trying to contemplate about life while trying to remember that there are still have exams to do tomorrow.

Well, that is the life of a teacher, no?

I’ll be perfectly honest: Well, even though many people say that I’ll be a good teacher (or that is what they hope for, at the least), those same people know very well that I make up for a better writer (and they themselves say the same thing too!)

Still, teaching helps me deal with the intricacies of this journey called life – and for those who think that I would have lost as a person if I decided to become a writer, then think again.

One of the first principles that I have adopted back in the days was “never to write for fame or fortune”. Sure, they are big bonuses (and believe me when I say that they can make people really feel high about stuff), but these things should not be the main reason why one writes something. Have I not been a teacher, I could have been a bit worse as a person, but not as worse as some people think.

Going back to teaching, I enjoy it except when I get wrecked in class by my students. I try not to get mad at them, but there are certain times that it just gets really horrible to the point that I just try to sleep or find something else to do.

I also need to stop being absent-minded and learn some micromanagement skills, in addition to learning how to do new activities for my students. Furthermore, I need to get control back of my classrooms and learn how not to be too kind to students.

I have survived one trimester even with my sloppy performances.

However, I know that I should exert my best efforts so that I can deliver.

I do not want to be a liability. I find it really shameful and I do not like it.

I want to be a good teacher. I am aware that I can’t be an educator or a master teacher, but I will give my best shot.

I want to give something in return…and at least, help those children have the same “bright future” as I do right now.

Besides, it would be better for them not to pass through the nightmare path which I took back in the past.

That’s all I want for them. I want them to have at least a fighting chance at life, if nothing else.

And maybe some good memories will do, no?