Empire at 10

Context Notes:

1. ICAD: Integrated Center for Alternative Development. It is the non-profit organization that is in charge of the various Turkish schools and facilities in the Philippines.

2. ENVY is never a good thing. Causing others to fall, even if one is being persecuted by them, is never a good thing, and people only learned that after years of soul-searching.



Ser Elyan: What is your plannen for lifen? One by one.

Carlo: Me want to become scientist who will create a new planet

(Hoots and boos from the crowd)

Sharmz: I want to become a lawyer.

(Handang replies with “Yeah boy!” over the background)

Kahleeloff: Me too! Me too! Me too!

(everyone is cheering like hell)

Emz: I wanna become  at eacher like my parenten.

(no sounds)

Hassan: I want to become Zinedine Zidane!

(Everyone cheers wildly)

Ser Elyan: If you study,you will go to Turkey. Lots of delicious turkey there.

Sak: Really?

Ser Elyan: True.

Yadhi: Even taek won do?

Ser Elyan: Of coursen.

Osman: So what to do?

Ser Elyan: Tolerance into airplane to Istanbul. That is very gut thing to doen.

Ershad: I want to become JApeth Aguilar ser!

Ser Elyan: Who is he?

Ershad: Basketball player from the future ser!

(Ser Elyan throws an eraser)

Ser Elyan: What else?

Sak: I want to become doctor!

AJ: You like blooden?

(Sak just looks with a fiery face)

Ryan: I want to become engineering!

Ahmed: I want to become YOU!

Amin: I want to become imba OD!!!

Ser Elyan: Gut. Gut. all of u have gut dreams, but wat to do? Work to do! U must strive harden for ur dreams or u will never reachen them!

All: Yes ser!

Ser Elyan: Class dismissed.

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