Empire Chapter 9

During the lunch breaks, which are busy:

Emz: Wat u doing?

Ryan: Me is walking to Three Marys

Emz: WUT?

Ryan: Me not allowed?



Ershad: Grabe yung mga tatlong maria eh.

Ryan: Anu mas malala, P3 o Tres Maria?

Emz: Mas malala pa rin yung Empire.

(Amin and Ahmed silently nod)

Emz: Have u eaten ur lunchen?

Ryan: No yet. I have baonen of hot dog and butter rice.

Emz: Wow. Care to share?

Ryan: Sure.

A.J: Where is Carlo, where is Carlo, where is he? Where is he? He is always missing, he is always missing, missing boi. Missing boi.

Emz: Maybe with Sir Ö, as always.

Ryan:Oh, really?


Just a few meters away:

Sharmz: What to do in end of year?

Sak: Me go back to hausen and do thingzen. U?

Sharmz: Hmmm. I want to be with prince charmen

(Sak laughs)

Raida: Who is prince charmen?

Sharmz: Maybe here. Maybe not.

Khaleeloff: Oi, best friend!

Sharmz: Mak, anung balita?

Khaleeloff: Congratz, you Istanbul goengz for Turkish olympiene!

Sharmz: Heh?

Sak: Wow, congrats best!



Sak: Ui grabe man yan

Khaleeloff: Grabe!

Sharmz: D naman. Not rele.

Rai: Oi, nahanap mu na si Prince charmen?

Sharmz: Aba marame. Joke lang ba.

Carlo: Congrats.

Sharmz: Thanks.

Carlo: Nice try out there (half-true,half-sarcastic sot of manner)

Sharmz: Yeah. HOW ABOUT U?

Carlo: You’ll see, I’ll make you bow down.

Sharmz: Let’s see.


Philosopher: Do not consider people as mere things, carlo.

Carlo: Why. Pariah me.

Philosopher: carlo, these people might be good later on. You see, no maturity.

Carlo: I want to beat the hell out of them?

Philosopher: You’ll have that, carlo, as long you have a very strong heart and a very strong soul.

Carlo: What is a very strong heart and soul?

Philosopher: It is…belief, conviction in one’s belief, and verification of one’s belief.

Carlo: How’s that?

Philosopher: You’re too young for that. Well, just go and play C&C for now. You’ll understand later on.

Carlo. OK (still looks puzzled)



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