Butter, Honey, and More

As a student, it is not really easy to find a lot of goods. Usually, one has just enough for a little bit of everything…which means that sometimes, one has to improvise.

Sliced sausages in scrambled eggs, minced potatoes in scrambled eggs, deep-fried sorts of things.

Well, that’s life.


Not yet.

One of my friends discovered that honey and butter go together very nicely, especially if it is used as a bread spread.

I really loved this seemingly odd combination: honey is crystal clear and soft, while butter is oily and has a solid texture, thus making them the perfect couple to adorn bread.

This is the way that we live here in Turkey, and with some delicious black tea, one will not ask more for breakfast.

Even though our table has only bread, tea, butter, and honey.

I’m not exactly a chef or anything, and I don’t know whether this counts, but I usually put minced chicken, tomatoes, pepper, potatoes, tomato paste, menthol leaves, and all sorts of herbs into something we call “sauteed chicken”. This may sound an abomination of the culinary arts, but believe me, it’s delicious and it give enough bang for the buck!

Another one of these combinations is “watermelon and feta cheese”. Believe me, one will never imagine cheese and watermelon on the same meal, but hey, anything that is nice and nutritious should work, no?

I only tried this combo once, and well, I’d pretty much prefer salt to feta cheese anytime of the year.

A lot of people like to spike their fruits with salt or sugar, and I am one of those who belong to this prestigious club!

Well, spiking watermelons or pomelos with salt every once in a while is really awesome…

Green mangoes in soy sauce and spiked with fish paste/chili is one of those things that I used to eat when I was a child back in the Philippines.

It is spicy, sour, and it tastes delicious!

Brings me back memories of my childhood…

I am mostly thankful for my life right now.

Food trips are weird, but I guess anything is good enough!

Having something is better than having nothing…

Prompt: Unlikely Pairing

Thanks for reading! Have a good time!

6 thoughts on “Butter, Honey, and More

  1. Feta cheese and watermelon is pretty big in my native country, Albania. People will have just that for breakfast! Personally, I don’t like watermelon so this always grosses me out.
    I’ve never tried butter and honey (I should!) but I’ve tried honey and cream cheese. Spreading cream cheese on bread then adding a few drizzles of honey on top. It’s so good. That would probably be my unlikely pairing, haha.

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