There are a lot of times when I just really want to hear whatever the other side is talking. I keep on telling myself two things:

1. That I should not just eavesdrop on people.

2. That if I accidentally eavesdrop, then I should keep that information to myself.

There’s a third hidden rule as well, which I’ll never reveal here!

Here’s the thing:

In the past, I used to eavesdrop on simply any news regarding games and crushes (the latter proving to be more and more useful), but I don’t know…I find these kinds of news to be intriguing and exhilarating; but at the same time, they just prove to be devastating as well.

So at the end of the day, I stopped eavesdropping altogether, and I acted as if I did not care at all. Surely enough, the news still came…all by itself, as if confirming the maxim that “walls have ears”…and yeah, that was pretty nice!

I do not remember specific incidents, but one thing is clear: I’m up the food chain when it comes to collecting information. Processing them is another matter though…

Thanks for reading. Wee.

#prompt: Head Turners


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